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25 Craig Street has been occupied by the Craig Street Brew Pub since 2004. Craig Street Brew Pub is a popular downtown pub and restaurant which brews its own craft beer on site.

Craig Street Brew Pub, 25 Craig Street, Duncan, B.C.
Craig Street Brew Pub, 25 Craig Street, Duncan, B.C.

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Additional Information on 25 Craig Street

  • Assessed Value (July 2019): $1,215,000; Land – $270,000, Buildings – $945,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2018): $1,068,000; Land – $219,000, Buildings – $849,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2016): $977,000; Land – $193,000, Buildings – $784,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2015): $976,000; Land – $185,000, Buildings – $791,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2014): $976,000; Land – $185,000, Buildings – $791,000

Brief History of 25 Craig Street

This building has an interesting history. It was designed and built in 1929 by Vancouver architect William Frederick Gardiner (1884-1951) for the Home Oil Company, which used it as a service station.

Today this may seem an unlikely location for a gas station but it made sense in 1929. At that time, the intersection of Government Street and Craig Street was on the Island Highway, the main north-south transportation corridor between Victoria and Nanaimo before the Trans-Canada Highway was opened in 1955, so a gas station and car repair facility at the Island Highway’s main intersection in Duncan was a potentially lucrative business.

The Home Oil Company leased the building to the Clark Motor Company, which ran the gas station and garage. Clark Motor Company also ran a Ford dealership from this location.

Between 1946 and 1971 this building was used as Duncan 5¢ to $1.00 Store {a business that would today be called a “dollar store”), operated by Norman Gourlay and his mother, Marguerite Gourlay.

In 1972, the building was occupied by Powel’s Mens’ Wear, which had been operating next door at 45 Craig Street since 1933. Powel’s Mens’ Wear expanded into 25 Craig Street in 1972 and remained here until 2004, when Powel’s Mens Wear closed after being in business in Duncan for over seven decades.

In 2004, this building was purchased by its current owners, who run Just Jake’s Restaurant at 45 Craig Street and the Craig Street Brew Pub at 25 Craig Street.

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